A fully owned Corm Capital subsidiary, OX Factory ® (OX) is a technology firm designed to build and provide cutting-edge ICT products and services to high potential online and offline businesses. OX boasts a team of world-class ICT professionals, solid private funding and stellar advisors stemming from several key sectors (technology, finance, media, etc...). OX seeks to close the knowledge and resource gap experienced by entrepreneurs as they embark on their adventure. Fundamentally, OX is built around the assumption that game-changing ideas (and likewise startups) are the fruit of great concepts deployed by great teams having at their disposal powerful resources.
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    We love new ideas...
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    We are entrepreneurs ourselves...
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    We invest in the growth of new businesses...

OX is a place where new business strategies are constantly identified, internally developed, and new products and services are launched into the market. We iterate constantly by reviewing customer feedback and analyzing metrics to transform and improve OX owned businesses as well as those of our customers'. We believe in the power of conversation and interaction. We are entrepreneurs ourselves hence our experience is not only helpful to the companies we create but also to the companies that we assist.

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