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OX Media: An Innovative Approach to Media
A fully owned Corm Capital subsidiary, OX Media ® is a fully integrated online media company whose online properties form a compelling, cohesive and synergistic portfolio, both for readers (whose interests are practically all covered by the online properties’ specific focuses) and advertisers (who can easily target specific target market segments allowing for optimum promotional results). Led by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, contributors and developers, OX Media strives to push the limits of online media, constantly introducing new features, technologies and innovations across its growing online properties portfolio. With most of our sites ranking among the “Top 1% Most Visited Sites In the World” according to Alexa (a subsidiary of Amazon.com and the leading and most reliable traffic analysis resource in the world which in turn only ranks the top 30 million websites among more than 3 billion websites in existence) and serving a combined number of pageviews just over 5 million/month, OX Media is both a leader and one of the fastest growing digital companies in MENA.
A Proactive Approach to Online Media And Social Media
OX Media builds its own online media properties. In today's digital economy, if unaccompanied by a digital marketing strategy, business overlook the fastest growing niche of possible advertising audiences. Within such a rapidly changing world, it is easy to be left behind. OX Media's goal is to foster dynamic online media properties and social media communities around themes relevant to Corm Capital's business objectives.
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